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Taking Quiosco to eleven

The new Quiosco Display turns up the volume to catch even more attention. 

Unlike the original Quiosco that was designed for text sizes with its softer touch and more organic shapes, the new Quiosco Display has a sharper feeling of materiality, as if its characters were carved in stone. Designer Cem Eskinazi was encouraged by Cyrus Highsmith to approach the project with a fresh pair of eyes. With its deep connections to Electra, Eskinazi dug into the recently released W. A. Dwiggins: a Life in Design to understand his work. This helped bridge the gap between Dwiggins original mindset and how his work influenced Highsmith, allowing Eskinazi to focus his interpretation of the Quiosco family independently, though the contrast between the inside and outside shapes as well as how the weight is distributed around them, remain the pillars of the family still deeply rooted in the ideas of Dwiggins.

image description

In addition to the ‘harsher’ aspects of the Display cut, new glyphs and features were also added. Users will find a new weight distribution, small cap numerals, a European 1 (to be used as an option in Oldstyle figures) and the alt Q, which Eskinazi added as an homage to the iconic character in Dwiggins’ Electra. If you’re familiar with Highsmith’s typefaces you may already be aware of his tendency to sneak in a special ornament into the character set. Quiosco Display is no different, but this time there’s a connection to Eskinazi’s Turkish background, where the border strokes are reminiscent of Anatolian calligraphy and tiling. The stroke around the tile element is unique to the display design, also present in the leg of the R and Q.

image description

The obvious pairing choice for Quiosco Display would be Quiosco Text, but after swapping his type designer hat for his typographer hat, Eskinazi recommends Agenda, Allium, Benton Sans, Productus, and Relay. Try them all and let us know what you think.

Like all Occupant fonts, Quiosco Display can be licensed 24/7—for print, web, mobile apps, and ePubs. Webfonts may be tested for thirty days and desktop trials are available upon request. Have a licensing question? Get in touch. To stay current on all things Occupant Fonts and Type Network, subscribe to Type Network News, our occasional newsletter featuring releases, foundry happenings, type and design events, and more.