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Art director Chris Skiles chose Cyrus Highsmith’s then-new (and recently reissued) Icebox typeface for the cover of the July 2014 issue of Houstonia, a magazine about the greater Houston metro area published by SagaCity Media in Houston, Texas. Inspired by plastic magnetic letters Highsmith picked up in a hardware store, Icebox’s design reminded Skiles of Mexican papel picado banners. A customized all-caps version appears in the main cover line (accompanied by David Jonathan Ross’ Turnip for the numeral “50”), with Highsmith’s Quiosco playing a cameo role in the words “Plus” and “to die for.” Skiles set article titles in motley-colored caps, and used both uppercase and lowercase styles of Icebox for other elements, like sidebars, throughout the magazine. The understated Salvo Sans surfaced in decks and smaller copy.