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For the 2004 redesign of Brides magazine, design director Gretchen Smelter and art director Donna Agajanian selected a stylish ensemble of typefaces — something old, something new, something borrowed, and …

Relay, in all its many styles, takes center stage and is attended by Whitman, with occasional touches of Eldorado in display. All three types borrow, in varying degrees, from the designs of W.A. Dwiggins.

For something old, the vintage Hollywood style of Meyer Two provides a nostalgic flair in department heads.

The real icing on the cake, however, is the something new: Biscotti, a custom script by Cyrus Highsmith. This original take on a formal classic simplifies the fuss and updates the traditional with a youthful flair and sparkle, giving Brides a fresh face, one that stands out from the crowd.

To complete the arrangements, the Brides team had Relay and Meyer Two outfitted with additional, lighter weights. A few fonts had custom versions tailored especially for reversing out of full-color photos and panels. The nameplate was given a subtle nip and tuck. And optimum H&J settings were recommended, so that everything would turn out picture-perfect.