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Cyrus Highsmith and art director Courtney Murphy had previously teamed up on an award-winning redesign of Independent on Sunday in the UK, for which Murphy had chosen Dispatch (as well as Font Bureau’s Poynter Oldstyle). Now, having moved on to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Murphy was tasked with overhauling and refreshing the organization’s branding and three publications: AARP The Magazine, AARP Bulletin, and AARP Segunda Juventud. She turned to Highsmith, who was busy experimenting with some new sans-serif shapes that were at once square and curved, calm and tense. He showed his drawings to Murphy; she encouraged him to turn them into an integrated type system that could deftly handle AARP’s editorial demands. These initial designs reemerged years later as Antenna and Antenna Serif, after taking a detour that, in collaboration with Murphy, fashioned them into rounder, warmer sans and slab companions: Salvo Sans and Salvo Serif. The versatile superfamily now graces all of the covers of AARP’s publishing arm.